Spatulas are common in kitchens since they are the ideal tool that can handle several tasks. From cooking to spreading margarine to bread, spatulas are best described as the extension. Although we are all familiar with this tool, many people tend to buy them without any consideration if it looks nice and can handle the intended task. What they don’t understand is that spatulas can be divided into two categories: Material and shape.


Spatulas can be made from a wide variety of materials. This can include stainless steel, rubber, wood, silicone, plastic, and rubber. We all know the characteristics of all the named material. Therefore, when buying a spatula, you first need to understand what you are buying it for. If you are looking for a spatula to use for cooking at home, for example, you will want to make sure that you get one that is resistant to heat. In other words, it can be a wrong idea to buy a plastic spatula for stirring hot food. Not only can it melt if left in the cooking pot, but it also poses a serious health risk. According to scientists, it is unsafe to put plastic together with hot food since the melting nature of plastic at high temperatures can lead to health complications in the long run. For your cooking needs, it is much better to go for metallic or wooden spatulas.


When it comes to shapes, you will realize that different spatulas have different shapes. When looking at the shape, the main area of attention usually is the head. Since all spatulas have a common design which includes the handle and the head, the main difference in the shape is brought upon by the type of head. For example, some have perforated heads while some have slotted heads. You will also realize that these vital kitchen tools are designed to fit their purpose. For example, a spatula meant for spreading margarine will be relatively smaller compared to fish spatulas. That is because fish spatulas are larger with longer handles to make it easier for a cook to flip whatever they are frying. You will also realize that some spatulas have wider heads while others are more streamlined. In that case, you should know that streamlined spatulas are mainly for icing and spreading while the wider ones are meant for cooking and even serving food.

More about spatula types

As already mentioned, spatulas can be categorized into two. In each category, you will find different types of spatulas.

1.      Scrapping spatula

Mainly designed for scraping the bottom of a bowl like a cookie’s dough bowl, these spatulas are mainly made from plastic or rubber to reduce damage during scraping. Scrapping spatulas are also thicker therefore not ideal for flipping food that is likely to stick on the bottom of your bowl like meatballs.

2.      Grilling/cooking spatula

As the name suggests, these are meant to use when grilling food. These are normally made from steel or metal and have an insulated handle to avoid burning. This makes them the best tool for flipping food on BBQ and their use can extend to flipping food inside a cooking bowl. They are also available in different designs and handle lengths.


When buying a spatula set, it is highly recommended that you only deal with an authorized dealer. Know that since spatulas can be made from cheap materials like plastic and wood, becomes a very important deal. The same can also apply to other kinds of materials like steel, rubber, or silicon. Without the right quality material, you are not only wasting your money but also putting your health at risk.