If you’re struggling to make your home look festive, here are five things you can do to spruce up the holidays. When decorating for the holidays, it’s not just about what you put in your living room and dining room, but also what goes on the walls and around the house. With that said, here are some simple and easy ways to liven up any space this holiday season!


The first step to sprucing up your home is to change the colors

The first thing you should do is change the colors of your home. This can be done by painting the walls a different color or by adding a new accent color to your room.

The next thing you should do is create a focal point for the room. You can use an ornament, a tree, or even some lights as your focus in each room. If possible, try to find a focal point that represents something that’s happening in the season–for example, if there’s snow on the ground outside your living room window, put up some snowflakes.

If you’re in charge of the decorating this year and don’t want to spend too much money on it, skip putting up those pricey decorations and instead go with petite decorations like paper chains and cranberries pinned to strings. It’s all about simplicity this year!


Plants are not just for outside!

One way to make your home more festive is by adding plants. Not only will they give your space a natural look and feel, but they’ll also attract the attention of any guests that stop by. Whether you have a balcony, patio, or even just a windowsill, there are so many plants to choose from!


Choose a theme or festive decor

If you’re struggling to make your home look festive, you could try sticking with a theme or a specific color scheme. This can help if you’re not sure where to start.

If you’re having trouble deciding what type of holiday decor to use, consider a color scheme. Maybe your windows should be red and green, or maybe the whole house should be yellow. The possibilities are endless!

Another option is to just go with one specific item that looks like it would fit well in the room. For example, if your living room is small, try putting up a Christmas tree near the front door for good luck. Or if you have an open floor plan, put up some garlands in the kitchen to give it an elegant touch.

Choose simple decorations or ones that are easy on the eye as well. This will ensure that they don’t take away from anything else around the house that’s already nice enough without needing any additional decoration at all!


Extend your decor with different materials

If you’re doing the decorating on a budget, think outside of the box. There are many different materials from which you can decorate your home. For example, you could use wrapping paper to make trees, wreaths and garlands. You could also use wooden spoons or forks as candles. Another alternative is using old holiday cards as decoration. This will help you save money and time that would be spent buying decorations.

Once again, this may not be an option if your budget is too tight, but it’s good to have around for when things open back up again in the springtime.


Make it feel like home

First, make sure that your home feels like the holidays. One of the best ways to do this is by using light colors in your home! This will help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere when guests come over. It can also be done by adding cozy decorations such as candles, plants, or a family photo. A few other things you could do to personalize your home for the holidays are changing out your light bulbs for festive ones and putting up a Christmas tree!

If you still feel like your home needs some more holiday spirit, consider hosting a Christmas party with friends and family. This will give everyone something fun to do when they come over during the holidays!